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Friendship Games

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Friendship Games premieres:
8:00 PM EST September 26th on Discovery Family.
3:30 PM EST September 26th on Discovery Family Canada.

Who is Best Shadowbolt? 

99 deviants said Lemon Zest :iconlemonzestplz:
75 deviants said Sugarcoat :iconsugarcoatplz:
58 deviants said Sour Sweet :iconsoursweetplz:
55 deviants said Indigo Zap :iconindigozapplz:
10 deviants said Sunny Flare :iconsunnyflareplz:
7 deviants said Other Student: Comment below! (No, Twilight doesn't count)
6 deviants said Other teammate (Trenderhoof, Upper Crust, Jet Set, Neon Lights, Suri Polomare, Pokey Pierce)


Recent Journal Entries

President of Hasbro Studios himself has stated that a fourth Equestria Girls movie can be expected in the future. As quoted below:

"What’s next? Hasbro has also produced more than 120 episodes of the My Little Pony TV show, and has also worked on the Equestrian Girls spin-off that takes the ponies into a human world, with three movies already released, and a fourth in development."

The Hasbro Interview (skipped to the part where Equestria Girls is discussed)

So far so good, everybody! Let's keep the hype train and EG spirit strong.

Image by jgu112
So, how was the movie? Discussion time! :D

Keep all discussion on this journal.

The Equestria Girls Three Movie Gift Set on Amazon now has more details provided by Shout Factory:

• Lenticular Cover with Transforming Twilight Sparkle
• The three Equestria Girls movies
• Bonus featuers on each
• Audio commentaries
• Animated shorts
• Deleted scenes from Friendship Games specifically
• Sing Alongs

You can pre-order it now from Amazon for its release on October 13.

--> Equestria Girls Three Movie Box Set Amazon Page <--

Box Set Press Release

To all you Equestria Girls music lovers, the Friendship Games album is out now on iTunes and Amazon.

--> Friendship Games iTunes Page <--

--> Friendship Games Amazon Page <--
A week ago we were hit up with a tweet by Cathy Weseluck.

"Hey Everypony! Spike & Co. will b in NYC Sept. 17 4 Equestria Girls Friendship Games Premiere 4 pm, Angelika Film Centre 18 W Houston St! ;)"

Tweet Link

Still not much info has been provided yet as the movie is still not listed on the Angelika Film Centre website, but hey, anyone who lives in NY can possibly go see it there and meet up with them. Will Friendship Games hit other theaters in the future? Only time will tell.
An Equestria Girls animation by Amante Animations.

Video Link
More Journal Entries



Equestria Girls

Submitting Artwork

All Equestria Girls artwork may be submitted to the "Submission Box" folder, excluding original characters (OC's) which must be submitted to the Original Characters folder.

Any artwork submitted to the wrong folder will be ignored and denied of access to the group.

Artwork of humanized ponies or ponies alone will not be accepted, unless said pony or human were to be a character from the movie.

About us

Hello everyponybody. Are you a fan of Equestria Girls?

This is a group dedicated to the archiving of Equestria Girls fan art. Not humanized ponies mind you. We only accept Equestria Girls fan art as determined by administrator discretion.

Even if you are simply excited for the upcoming spin-off, join as a member! You do not need to make any EG fanart.

We are excited to see what you guys can cook up. :)

Group icon made by the epic :iconkanduli:


Oh Noes!
All the rules are determined by administrator discretion

1) No NSFW content. Porn (clop) and gore will be rejected. Saucy artwork, blood, and traces of gore are allowed within reason, and so long as appropriate deviant filters are activated.

2) No submitting art created with a "character creator" game of any kind or make.

3) Otherwise, we accept any art to do with Equestria Girls regardless of quality. This does not include blog posts, yet does include Equestria Girls fan fiction journals. Also, we only accept one (1) OC submission per day.

4) Do not submit screenshots of the movie or trailers unless they are modified to an extent, and credited.

5) Please do not use any foul language and be courteous with others.

6) Do not recolor, trace, resubmit, and use resources without permission. Doing so will result in a permanent ban from the group.

If you find one of these rules have been broken or if you have any problems with submitting your artwork, please notify anyone from the school board.

Equestria Girls Facebook Group

Join Facebook's largest Equestria Girls group, EG.MLP!
That is, if you want to. . .

Equestria Girls Drawing Tutorials and Resources

Video Tutorial by TariToons

Equestria Girl Reference Sheet by Kanduli

Equestria Boy Reference Sheet by Kanduli

Flash Sentry Puppet v1.0 by Kanduli

Equstria Girls Plz Accounts To Remember:

:iconrarityequestriagirls: :icontwilighteqgplz: :iconfluttershyegplz: :iconexcitedpinkieeqgplz: :iconexitedhumanrarityplz: :iconflutterproveeqplz: :iconsunsetshimmerplz: :iconsunsetshimmersplz: :iconhuman-rainbowdash: :iconmlpflashsentryplz: :iconegfluttershyheartplz: :iconhumandashnopeplz: :iconegdashsoawesomeplz: :iconegraritygaspplz: :iconpinkiepieegplz: :iconapplejackegplz:

Gallery Folders

Fan Fiction "Literature"
"Original Characters"


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Why is it taking so long for my deviation to be accepted?? :shrug:
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Seeing your poll for Best Shadowbolt guess my guess was wrong about Fluffy Clouds  (from Tank for your memories and Princess Spike episodes ) being in human form among the group was wrong.
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Mind if I put up this link for ALL of our fellow MLP and EG and Lauren Faust and Fighting is Magic fans to see?…
Futaba2 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015
with Equestria girls seemingly done with third movie hope this doesn't mean the last of Sunset Shimmer.  Hopefully she'll visit Equestria or something in season 6.
Futaba2 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015
the way Friendship games movie ends makes me want a Equestria Girls  TV series spin off more than ever.
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Futaba2 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015
MYLITTLEPONYSERIESTV  site has some interesting Friendship games videos that hasn't been posted here including Shadowbolts boarding the bus from CRystal Prep to the games,  Twilight after she return from taking her readings of the statue,   the bow and arrow competition,   Sunset and the Rainbooms practicing in the music room when Crystal Prep  Twilight show up and confueses everyone.
BurningKikoken Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015
You guys might have to update the time slot for Friendship Games. It's going to be at 8PM EST or 5PM PST.…
Futaba2 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015
while often seen live action Cafeteria song from first Equestria girls movie on you tube  only recently come across live action extended videos for Rainbow Rocks and Friendship games.
Pred-K-Kaladral Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
I'd like to submit a recent pic I've made, if I may.
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aliciamartin851 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015
Thanks for putting my pic up here I love my little pony:hug:
Futaba2 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
since DJ Pon 3 didn't speak in Slice of Life guessing she won't speak in Friendship games either.
Futaba2 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
this morning on Discovery family saw commercial for a sneak peak at Friendship games next Saturday.
Futaba2 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015
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Hey, I submitted a piece almost a month ago. Is anyone going to approve it, or is it going to sit in limbo?
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Hello. :3

Is it posible for me to submit an art piece I made of an OC of mine?
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i will be posting new glourious equestria artwork later today
prepare yourselfs lol
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we will have sombra?
Futaba2 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015
Are the Spanish videos more clips from the movie or original shorts like Rainbow Rocks had?
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with human world twilight in friendship games anyone think we'll learn what happen with human world Sunset Shimmer some day?
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Hi! I've tried two times to submit this art of mine,…, but it's not being accepted. So, what should I do?
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Did you see the 2nd EG 3 friendship games trailer in HD yet?…
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The Shadowbolt Mane Six
(Former Rivals)
Thanks for approved this for adding to this group

I thought you wouldn't except screencaps.
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